Have You Ever Had French Fries With Chili On Them, Or Gravy?


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I have had them with chili on them but never gravy
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Yes and it is very good but don't try the grave because I threw up.
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moodie madd answered
Can't say I have or ever will. Well actually it doesn't sound that bad. It sounds pretty good now that I think about it!
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Chris ???? answered
I love french fries too much to even attempt to try that. But I just might try eating it with gravy on it. It is a possibility that I could like it provided that the gravy is decent.
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Brandi lol answered
I put chili and cheese on them but never tried gravy.  you should try them with chili and cheese...don't know if you've ever been to jib jabs (hot dogs) but their fries are amazing.
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martha answered
I've had chili cheese fries, bu no gravy.  I love the bacon cheese fries at Outback steak house.  Yumm-o!
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Chili cheese fries are awesome! I also like dipping fries in white chicken gravy--example: Like you get at Sonic or Dairy Queen with the chicken finger baskets.

You're making me hungry and it's almost time to go to bed! Now I'll be dreaming about food all night!! :)

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