Do You Prefer Apple Pie Or Cherry Pie?


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Apple pie with brown sugar and cinnamon in it.  I love apple pie, cobbler, tart, and crisp, and especially like it when the apples are done real soft.  Cherry pie always seems to have a tartness to it that I don't care for.
(Actually, my all -time favorite pie is blueberry, nice and thick, not runny, with a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar on the top crust!  Yum!)
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Cherry cherry cherry, I don't like apple pie anymore I did as a kid but it got boring for me.
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Cherry pie for me. Or blueberry, I am not a cinnamon fan, but will eat my pie once in a while, about once in 5 years, and I make a great pie.

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Moe Pence
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And do you have a blueberry pie recipe you'd like to share? LOL! -- You know I'm interested!
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I have to find it, I am always losing my cookbook! Not my mother's recipe box though. I will look for it love.
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ER, this is a hard one. Apple pie is boring. BUT-nice. Cherry pie is nice too!

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