Do You Love Apple Or Cherry Pie?


24 Answers

B.R.K KING Profile
B.R.K KING answered
I like em both Dutch apple is good but I luv hot peach Pie!!!!
Laura Smith Profile
Laura Smith answered
I totally agree with 24601 hot apple pie and french vanilla icecream is awesome
i also do like cherry pie and i am sure the taste comes from being cooked, vice raw.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I think the hot apple pie with vanilla ice-ream is great
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
Apple pie. Cherry pie tastes weird. The cherries taste nothing like cherries. It tastes almost fake. But apple pie I could eat all day!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I personally like apple pie better I like cherries to but they just don't taste  to good in a pie. It also depends on your taste buds since they are what determines how things taste.
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
An apple pie accompanied with whip cream is a treat. As for cherry pie, the taste of cherries isn't favorable in my opinion.
Kayla Nicole Profile
Kayla Nicole answered
I like and can make a good cherry pie its bad when your boyfriend wont eat his moms cherry pie but will eat the one you make and makes sure i make it for him for every holiday

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