What Was The Fruit In The Garden Of Eden?

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How did I know there were going to be people saying "apple"?

The fact of the matter is that most religious scholars believe the fruit was (if you believe in the mythology of Christianity) a pomegranate or the fig. Apples are not indigenous to the middle east, or the surrounding areas, and therefore the fruit or the trees would not have existed ~6,000 years ago. Thus, it would be an impossibility that said fruit would have existed at that time and place.

Furthermore (if you want to say: "Well, God just put it there ala deus ex machina!"), the book of Genesis NEVER SAYS "APPLE". It simply says "fruit". Early rabbis and scholars debated on what "fruit" this was and came up with things including grapes, citron, wheat, the carob, and of course the pomegranate and fig.

So where did this "apple" come from? Given that it's not mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve, thats a good and convoluted question. Most modern day scholars believe that Christians adopted the apple due to the apple's Latin name "malum" which also happens to mean "evil". In fact the apple didn't even start showing up in Christian iconography or texts until the mid 16th century and only then in Europe (where the apple actually grows naturally unlike the middle east).

So, no. It was not the apple. If you want to get technical the Bible never really says WHAT it is. Only that it was a "fruit", so one would assume that the actual fruit isnt important, but rather the moral of the story is.

This is just another example of how the Christian machine has gotten out of hand and has strayed from the actual beneficial teachings surrounding it's theology.

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This story would be more comical if the fruit in question had been an obscenely large one. Like a watermelon or a pumpkin. Then all the serpent would have had to have done is said, "I bet you can't eat that WHOLE watermelon" and Adam and Eve would have totally been like, "You're on, talking snake!"
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You just gave me a great idea for an internet short. Get ready for it... Adam and Earl, the story of the first homosexual relationship in the Garden of Eden.
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How about "Adam and the fruit: A Brokeback Prequel"?
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To Jsheehy - I have been a Christian many years. I have never hated gays. God commands us to love everyone. If we are true followers of Him, then we should obey His commands. God changes hearts of those who are obedient to Him. I understand where you are coming from. Far too many people who claim to be Christians are not Christ-like. Hate crimes toward gays and killing those who perform abortions are not of God. Those radicals have given true Christians a bad name. Hope this helps.
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The forbidden fruit was the APPLE.
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The fruits which were present in the garden of eve were the apples
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The Bible is not specific about the fruit. I wonder if the people who answered "apple" are regular Bible readers? Just curious.
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It is not stated what fruit it was in the Garden of Eden.  It only stated that it was the forbidden fruit.

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