Have You Ever Made Your Own Stuffed Pork Chops?


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Peggy Irish Profile
Peggy Irish answered
Ohh, that is my favorite!  We have a great pork store in South Jersey, right on a pig farm.  I go and get double cut chops and cut a pocket and stuff them with my oyster/sausage stuffing.  They are awesome!
Ryans_ Music Profile
Ryans_ Music answered
Yes My mom makes them they are good.
Moe Pence Profile
Moe Pence answered
Yes, and have used several different types of stuffing, from poultry dressing to canned fruit.  I've also used a corn stuffing with caramelized onions that was great.  (I don't eat pork products any more, though -- well, bacon, that's about it).
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
Ive never made them... Although we have pork chops and stuffing occasionally. I remember my mom making them... She would go to the butcher shop and buy really thick pork chops and slice a pocket in them for the stuffing... They were really good.
Julie-o Winghou Profile
Julie-o Winghou answered
My grandmother used to make so many stuffed dishes...stuffed pork chops have always been one of my favorites...you're making me hungry!!!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I love stuffed  anything. Broccoli and cheese with a horseradish, ritz cracker breading is the best!! I'm hungry now, I might just have to make them for dinner.
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
I have made my own stuffed pork chops...well, sort of...I cheated and used store bought pork flavored stuffing mix!  But, they were good.  ☺
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Oh yes... I wanted stuffing one night and my mom wouldn't let me eat just that so I stuffed some pork chops and baked it....
Steven Vakula Profile
Steven Vakula answered
Yes I have with three cheese and portabella mushrooms. Then the gravy! Yummmy! It is the best with veal chops though in my tasty opinion.
Jim Witness Protection Profile
I've never made my own stuffed anything. The Mrs. Is a fabulous cook, her domain. I stay out of the kitchen, she stays out of my woodshop.
carrie Profile
carrie answered
When I can get thick cut pork chops I do. I like to use lots of carmelized onions and mushrooms in the stuffing. Mmmm. There you go again, making us all hungry.
michelle cherry Profile
michelle cherry answered
Wow! I made them last night. I am untraditional. I used a zatarans red beans and rice mix- added chopped mushrooms, and coated the outside of the chops with the tiger sauce (sweet- with sneaky spice) WOW! Ya know- I use a bottle a week of that tiger sauce.....
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
Any substitute for Pork that tastes near to Pork? Pork is forbidden kind of meat here.
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
I make them once in a blue moon. The butcher up the road has great chops. Bacon, cream cheese, mushrooms, spinach. Ohhh Yummy!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Love them, but i have never made them. My girlfriend makes them with stuffing like you use at thanksgiving.. I like them with seafood especially shrimp and with onions and mushrooms. Boy I'm hungry now!

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