Can You Steam Vegetables In The Microwave?


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The microwave can be used for a number of things including steaming vegetables. All you need is some kind of microwave safe container with a few holes in the lid and just place your veg into it. That will do a good job in steaming them.
Alternatively, there are some bags of veg which you can purchase especially which are able to be cooked in the bag within the microwave and that steams them too. With microwaves being extremely powerful these days, it is easy to do a number of things including defrosting, cooking and steaming, so you should find one to suit your needs. Obviously the more features that the microwave has, the more expensive it will be. You just have to shop around and find the best one to suit you for your budget. So, the next time you want to steam your vegetables in a hurry, remember that you can safely and easily do it within your microwave!
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shampa sahay , Microwave cooking, answered

Yup, microwave can be used for steaming. Vegetables and meat can easily be steamed in microwave.

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