How Do You Steam Vegetables With The Pampered Chef Micro Cooker?


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To steam vegetables in your Pampered Chef micro cooker, you can firstly check if you have the instructions that would have been sent in the same box as your micro cooker. These instructions can offer you an easy guide on how to use the different functions of your micro cooker, allowing you to cook various different types of food in it with ease. If you haven't got the instruction manual anymore, don't worry, this is how to steam your vegetables using your Pampered Chef micro cooker:

• Place your vegetables into a single layer of your Pampered Chef micro cooker and cover with water.
• Then find some waxed paper or a suitable cover for your micro cooker and cover the vegetables to allow them to properly steam in the cooker.
• Set your micro cooker for about 2 to 3 minutes, checking at regular intervals to see if your vegetables are cooking properly.
• Remove the vegetables when they are a nice bright green color and still relatively crisp.

A top tip when cooking vegetables in a Pampered Chef micro cooker with the idea of steaming them is to add a little bit of salted butter to the water that you cover them with, which creates a tasty marinade for your food. As long as you don't put too much butter on top of your vegetables, steamed vegetables from a micro cooker are a healthy option for your meal. Put them with anything from fish to chicken, even with your roast dinners.

Always remember to maintain a healthy balance with your diet. Foods like steamed vegetables are things that can be consumed in larger amounts due to their lack of large calorific/fat content. Exercising alongside a healthy diet will make sure that you have a long, healthy life with a good body shape.

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