How Do Cookers Work?


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Well you turn it on and it seems to cook things
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Cookers or pressure cookers cook food by applying high pressure and heat to soften and cook food. These cookers consist of an internal compartment that is completely sealed. Food is placed directly in the cooker or within containers. Water is added to the food or to the bottom of the cooker.

The cooker is then closed and sealed tight. As the cooker is heated most of the water turns to steam which increases the pressure and temperature within the cooker.

The food gets cooked with pressure and heat. A cooker is generally used to cook those food items that would normally take longer to cook conventionally like meat and pulses.
When the pressure generated by the steam rises to a great extent a metal cap or whistle located on the top rises and expels the trapped steam. Most cookers also have a safety valve built into them.

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