How Does A Gas Oven Work?


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This is a great explanation thanks does this work for all kinds of gas ovens
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A gas oven or a range as it is commonly called is a compact unit of four burners on the top and an oven which works on gas. Heat for cooking is produced by burning the correct mixture of gas and air.

The supply of LPG gas enters from the cylinder and is carried to the burner. In the 'mixture tube' the gas mixes with air. As gas comes out of the holes of the burner, it mixes with more air and as soon as a source of light is applied e.g. a matchstick or lighter, the mixture is ignited, and it is ready for cooking. Usually there are four burners and the flame can be increased or decreased by a knob.

The oven burner is situated in the oven bottom. Setting the oven thermostat to a required temperature activates the burner and it works on the same principle as above. The air opening in the oven bottom spreads the heat and as the desired temperature is achieved the burner automatically switches of.

Gas oven requires pre-heating as it takes time for the oven to reach a pre-determined temperature. But a timer and automatic temperature control mechanism makes it very convenient to use. Not only it costs less to use than electric appliance but retains heats for up to 15 minutes so that it can be used like a food warmer.

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