Anyone "Willing" to share their favorite Slow cooked Traditional Spaghetti Sauce Recipe?


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I slowly open the jar and pour it into a pot.

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Ancient One
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Yes I believe most folks now a days just "doctor" a sauce to their taste.
Ancient Hippy
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Tiger, I use Rao's homemade marinara sauce. It's expensive but so worth it. I can only order it online at $17 for 3 jars, plus shipping.
Ancient Hippy
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I order it right from Rao's.
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Good morning, Dark. Here is a recipe for traditional Italian gravy. It's close to my personal recipe. The key is to use fresh, quality ingredients, and take your time making it. Enjoy.

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It's a shame that Angela is at work today ! She was bragging to me Saturday about her home made sauce and spaghetti ! I guess she's a good cook and enjoys it. I'm like Hippy there. Just any decent sauce is OK to me. LOL.

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Gosh I make a really good spaghetti sauce.  I slow cook it for 4 or 5 hours.  I'd be happy togoveanyonethe recipe but it's not actually a recipe.  I've sort of evolved it over the years.  In fact my youngest daughter (21 years old) wants to learn how to make it as she absolutely loves it.  What we've come up with is that she will come over and I will direct her as she makes it. Till now I've been making large batches of it, portioning it into freezer containers and giving her large amounts of it.  She's shared it with lots of friends and their always wanting more.

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I will try what ever you have thus far my dear . . I love that it is now going to be a passed down tradition in your family.
Cookie Roma
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This is what's in it (remember, I make a very large pot). Tomato sauce, tomato paste, whole golden sweet snacking potatoes, 1 pound browned ground beef , ton of dehydrated onions, Basel, oregano, thyme, sage, tons of dryer parsley, pound baby bell mushrooms salt and pepper. Combine everything. I use a stick blender in the pot until all us finely chopped and mix. Simmer on low heat, stirring occasionally. Cook 4 plus hours.

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