100 jumping jacks , 30 pushups , 30 lunges , 30 jumping jacks and 1 minute free jog , as well was walking at 4.6kmph for 60-70 minutes along with a 1400 calorie intake daily. Good routine for weight loss??


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Matt Radiance answered

In my perspective this could work out for you. But:

1.A professional must give you the advise and the plan according to your physical condition, your body's mechanism and metabolism. The information that none of us have here.

2.Whatever you do, the consistency and no sneaking behind your schedule is the key.

Good Luck.

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That's the thing about metabolism .. It's individualistic. So is effort and longevity of commitment.  Losing weight is the easy part if one is committed to doing so...keeping it off and maintaining a heightened level of good health is a lifelong commitment.

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Tom Jackson answered

We don't know your age, weight, or height (and we don't really need to), so it's hard to be specific.

Here's a link to the The Harris Benedict Equation.  It's a formula that uses your BMR and then applies an activity factor: http://manytools.org/handy/bmr-calculator/

Then you can figure out your what calorie deficit such a program may provide and you can answer your own question.

It would be a good idea to check with your doctor first before you begin.

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