How Many Calories Would You Burn Swimming For 30 Minutes?


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There are many variables when it comes to burning calories while you are swimming, such as what gender you are, your weight, how fast you swim and what stroke you use, but on average you will burn around 256 calories for 30 minutes of swimming.

There is no doubt that exercise has many benefits to health: It increases the metabolism; strengthens muscles, joints and bones; burns calories; and can actually make you feel better mentally.

There is no doubt that swimming is an excellent exercise for many reasons including giving people with reduced mobility the chance to participate because of the buoyancy of the water. From a calorie burning point of view, though, there is debate as to which kind of exercise will burn the most.

For a 10-stone person, jogging will burn 322 calories in half an hour; aerobics would burn 192 calories; cycling, 128 calories; tennis, 224 calories; and salsa dancing, 195 calories. It’s great knowing that you are burning calories when you are trying to lose weight, but not everyone gets the time to go the gym, or the inclination to pull on their running shoes, so what about the things you do every day and don’t even think about?

It’s good to know that general house work will burn around 111 calories in half an hour; cooking would burn 80 calories; walking the dog, 112 calories; and gardening, 164 calories.

You may get a sense of achievement from burning all those calories but how do they compare with what you consume? Well, a jam doughnut is 250 calories, so half an hour’s swimming, and a large glass of red wine means you’ll have to get the lawn mower out!
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The amount of calories burnt when swimming for 30 minutes is relative to body type, sex and metabolism, as well as the intensity of the exercise.
However, for a woman of average weight and size, 30 minutes of swimming should burn 285 calories for back stroke, 273 for breast stroke, 261 for fast crawl, 285 for slow crawl, 204 for side stroke, and 105 for treading water. These figures are based on an average weight of 123lb.

In comparison, a man weighing an average of 170lb, would receive the following calorie results: 390 for back stroke, 375 for breast stroke, 360 for fast crawl, 390 for slow crawl, 270 for side stroke and 144 for treading water.
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I'm sorry but how many women weigh 123 pounds? Probably most women researching how many calories swimming burns are attempting to lose weight. I am a 5'8 female in my 20's and my recommended weight is 146 pounds based on my height and bone structure (I have verified this recommendation with several health and wellness websites). I weigh about 154 so yes I am trying to get down to 146. I've looked up the weight of several popular actresses and celebrities and most of the "Thin" ones weigh about 135 pounds. So unless you are less than 5'4 or have an eating disorder, knowing the calories burned for a 123 pound woman is not very helpful.
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No,the top person is right
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All above is al lie! You burn 780 calories on a brest stroke for 30 mins and 657 calories in a backstroke

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