How Many Calories Can You Burn In A 20 Minute Walk ? The Walk Is Not To Fast But Also Not To Slow.


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On the average, a person who walks for 20 minutes and within a normal weight range can burn about 60 calories. The figures may vary if the person is weighing more than such that those who are within the 160 lbs range can actually lose 80 calories. As the speed increases, the calories burnt also increases. Thus, it is suggested for walking enthusiasts to significantly increase their speed for faster weight loss. Once you already feel comfortable with your pace, it is about time that you increase your speed.

Walking is the best exercise. It is for free and it can be done anywhere and anytime. You can rest in between and you can walk at your own pace. Calories burnt while walking is dependent upon your speed. For instance, brisk walking will allow you to burn more making it the exercise of choice but most people who want to maintain a healthy heart. Meanwhile, for those who are just starting with the activity, a slower pace can also yield lesser calories burnt. Likewise, one's weight is also a factor to reckon in as far as burning calories while walking is concerned.

Meanwhile, in order for your walking experience to be more rewarding, it really pays to own a nice pair of walking or running shoes. Having a pair will allow you to walk with ease. There are specialized footwear that are made and designed just for walking. In using them, you will not feel any discomfort. You will not even notice how far you have walked because of how light it feels on your foot. Most of all, always bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.
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Between 80 and 90 calories
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If you are power walking you will burn far more calories than walking average

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