How Many Calories Can A Person Burn From A One Hour Walk?


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Walking is the easiest, most convenient and relaxing way to burn calories and this has been proven by experts. It helps you to lose weight, tone up your muscles and put you in the right shape.

Even with walk-run you can lose more weight that is walking and running in intervals which burns more calories in the same amount of time. Walking requires you to just wear a comfortable pair of joggers or sneakers and walk on a straight road. You do not need to spend any money and you can take a friend along with you just to keep you company. However, I would advise instead of walking with friends it is better to just carry an Ipod and listen to the music while you are burning calories.

The first time you start walking, you will feel your muscles strained out in the night when you are about to sleep. However this is a good sign proving your body did lose calories. As soon as you get used to walking, your body will also get used to this routine and cope up with it.

If you weight about 75 kilograms and you walk for an hour, you can burn up to 300 calories per day. Obviously you should also keep an eye on the things that you eat other wise they will fill in for the calories that you burnt during walking.Not only you lose calories by walking, but your skin gets fresh since you inhale fresh air and more oxygen. A person tends to think more during walking and can be tension free and just relax.
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I have lost just under a stone by doing a forty minute walk everyday tiring but very effective. I have lost weight on my hips and thighs.
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People's metabolism is different so the calories I lose in 30 minutes will be different from yours in the same time frame.

I always carry my pedometer on my person because depending on the pace of my walking and how much I ate my calorie loss is different each time.

Today, I took a total of 13,089 steps and loss close to 300 calories, you can walk the same amount but the calorie loss may be different.
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Another general rule is 10 cals per min of strenuous an hour of hard walking, various gradients can yield up to 600 lose weight yu need to use 7700 cals over what yu take in food to lose 1 even on a low carb diet (say around 1000 cals), 1 hr per day might have yu lose around 1-1.5kg per week...
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Calories burn cannot be calculated in this way, as an hour walk really is unquantifiable. There are people who can speed walk ten kilometers in an hour, and those who will walk around the block in an hour. So we need to determine which one you are talking about.

It depends on the fitness level and how effective the metabolism is. A fit person with a body able to utilise calories quickly, will burn a lot more calories during an hour of exercise than a person who is not fit and has a sluggish metabolism that stores fat to prevent starvation.

So the answer to this question really depends on the person doing this walk, the speed at which they do it at,and the gradient of the road they walk on, as hills will require more energy and hence burn more calories.
There is no general answer.

However, a general rule is, if you exercise daily for thirty minutes to the point where you can't easily talk, and are working up a good sweat, you are burning calories.

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