How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding A Bike?


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Calories depend a lot on how much you   excersize!

You also need a healthy diet! Remember to have atleast 5 meals a day which include breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, then dinner! However it is way more healthy to have small, yet healthy snacks during the day and not set meals.

I think that the best way to excersize is to jump rope. If you jump rope for 15 minutes you will lose 200 calories. So I think you should jump rope for 45 minutes a day. (15 minutes BEFORE breakfast, 15 minutes BEFORE lunch and 15 minutes BEFORE dinner!)

If you jump rope for 15 minutes, Its just like running   a mile! So grab those ropes and get ready.... Get set..... GO!!!
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Burning calories do not only depend on excersing but also your metabolisim and the time you put in while riding a bike. However generally it burns for recreational, cycling approximately 5mph you burn 120 K cals,for moderate, cycling approximately 10mph you burn 303 K cals, and for vigourous, cycling approximately 15mph you burn 486 K cals.
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I am 200 lbs and ride for 52 miles at an average speed of 17 mph.
How many calories do I burn?
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It all dependes on what your mama gave you so shake it and loose the wheight

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