How Many Calories Do Swimming Burn?


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It depends on how long you are swimming for, what swimming stroke you are doing, where you are swimming (as in are swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool?), what you are wearing and how much you weigh.

Assuming you are doing a moderate stoke (rather than say the butterfly or you are swimming vigorously), you weigh 190 pounds (the average weight of an American male), you are swimming in a normal pool filled with water without a wave machine and you are wearing  normal swim wear, then you’d burn approximately eight calories a minute. This would increase to 14 calories is you doing a more vigorous stroke.

Decrease this figure if you weigh less than 190 pounds or you prefer the breaststroke to say the front crawl. Increase this figure if you swimming in the sea, are heavier or are wearing normal clothes. 

Swimming is a very good way to burn calories as moving through water offers much more resistance than air so you have to work harder and expend more energy. Also it is non-impact, unlike running or doing weights, so you’ll be putting less stress on your joints and are less likely to injure yourself.
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The exact number of calories burnt in swimming or in any exercise is not fixed and there are other factors also, affecting the process. It can be body weight, conditioning level, intensity of workout and metabolism. The calories that are burnt per hour for the person of following body weight are: 130lbs 155lbs 190lbs. Swimming laps, freestyle, vigourous 590 704 863, Swimming, breaststroke, general 649 774 949.

Swimming is quite good form of exercise, as in this exercise water supports the body, for the density of water is almost equal to that of the density of human body and so there is less stress on joints and bones of the swimmer. It is because of this particular reason that swimming is recommended as a rehabilitation exercise and is even recommended for those who are with disabilities.
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For a 296 lb,35year old man
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If you’re trying to lose weight, swimming will help you achieve your goal as well. A 130-pound individual can burn 590 calories doing freestyle swimming for an hour. If you swim every day, you can lose 5 pounds in a month or more. Check it out here

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If you swim for an hour...slow freestyle you burn about 500 calories for a 122 lb, 35 year old women......of course the heavier you are, the more calories you burn!!!
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If you swim for 1 hours you will burn 700 calories but this will happen if you only swim without any rest!
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I have a post in my blog that can show you how many calories you burn while swimming:Check it outhere
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If you swim at a high intensity meaning 4 miles in 2 hours you'll burn 4,000 calories

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