How Many Calories Are Burned By Sitting?


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It is estimated that after one minute of sitting the calories lost are one calorie. This is the calorie content of a glass of water. Similarly after sitting for five minutes one burns 6 calories, fifteen minutes 17, an hour 68, two hours 136 and eight hours one burns a total of 544 calories.

A calorie is basically a measurement unit of energy. Its symbol is kcal. It is a word of French origin and is originally derived from a Latin word calor which means 'heat'. It has many areas of everyday living it has replaced the unit joule which is of course the SI unit of energy. Food energy is almost always calculated in terms of calories. In today's world, fast food and obesity are commonplace and need to be checked. This is why the importance of counting calories has become imperative. In fact most governments are taking these issues of unhealthy eating seriously and insist that all packaged edible product manufacturers must state the energy level of their products.

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