Where Does Ground Beef Come From?


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Beef comes from Anyone who raises cattle for the beef. It's the meat of the cattle.
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Ground beef or mince is usually - as blindman 13 states - from the lesser-quality parts of the cow, though not always the hips. Chuck steak - from the neck and shoulder area, and which is run through with a larger proportion of gristle and sinew is commonly used. However, mince can and is often made from any part of the meat cut from a cow. This means that there is a vast range in quality of mince sold, and the cheaper stuff is normally the less desirable cuts and sometimes leftovers when the more traditional cuts (sirloin, fillet etc) have been removed from the carcass.
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Cows it comes from cattle
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Ground beef is formally found in cows, yes, but the ground beef is ground from the hips of cows... Usually if you get the right stuff, but if you get the scrap ground beef, it is just made of left over meat from the cow.
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Beef is a product of cattle. It is their fleshmeat. Unless you are referring to the term "Beef" used in the fast food industry. The meat used in a hamburger just might not be 100% beef meat as advertised.
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Beef  comes  from  cows
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Beef is the meat from cattle, or like animals such as bison or buffalo., but almost always is the meat that comes from cattle. 

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