What Is The Lowest-Calorie Cheese?


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Feta, ricotta, and cottage cheese are all known as low-calorie cheeses, so if you're looking to cut down on the calories whilst still getting your cheese fix, these are three good options.

The lowest calorie cheese Based on information provided by weightlossresources.co.uk, feta, ricotta, and cottage cheese are three of the least-calorific cheeses about.

Calorie-wise, they rank up like this:

All these values are based on typical brands you'd be able to buy in a supermarket, and therefore you'd probably be able to buy low-fat versions of all these cheeses that are even lower down on the calorie-scale (although I personally don't think they taste as nice!).

If you're watching your health and diet, I'd also recommend taking into consideration how much saturated fat you're eating. A diet that's high in unsaturated fat can be just as bad for you as a high-calorie regime!

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In case of hard cheese, the lowest calorie cheese will be Feta. If one consumes 30g of Feta, the calorie intake will be around 70 to 90 .

And in case of soft cheese, the lowest cal cheese is Cottage cheese. If one consumes 30g of cottage cheese, the calorie intake will be 35 to 40.

Hope this will help you a bit. Good luck.

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