How Do I Make A High-Heel Cupcake?


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Making a high-heel cake sounds like a really creative and exciting way to mark someone's birthday or special celebration. Here are a couple of ideas I'd recommend you give some thought to.

Judging by the pictures of these tasty treats, they may even go down better than an actual pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels!

High heel cupcakes
I first came across the idea of making high-heel shaped cupcakes in a book called Cupcakes, Cookies and Pies, Oh My! which was written by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.

The idea is that you start off with a fairly normal cupcake, decorate the hell out of it, and then add a shaped Graham Cracker (or biscuit to you UK readers!) as the sole of the shoe.

You can use a chocolate stick or rolled ice-cream wafer as the actual heel.

I'd suggest using melted sheet candy as an adhesive to get the the whole thing to stick together (you can stick the candy sheets in the microwave for 10-20 secs to get a nice glu-ey texture).

It's important to always allow enough time for the construction to set together before you consider moving your shoe anywhere.

Accessorizing your high-heel cake

Accessorizing and decorating your cupcakes is probably the most important part. Frosting, icing and all sorts of delicious edible decoration is king here!

You can use anything from M&M's or Skittles, to all sorts of soft and hard candy to create unique and really cute patterns.

For the more intricate designs, I usually use a ziplock bag full of vanilla frosting. You basically need to squeeze all the air out of the bag before cutting a small hole in the bag's corner. You can then squeeze out the frosting in a controlled and careful manner.
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There is a how-to guide in the book Confetti Cakes for a high-heel shoe cake, along with some other great cakes.

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