Is It True Worms Appear When We Pour Coke On Raw Pork?


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It's an urban myth, at least for most pork produced in the western world.

There is a video circulating on the Internet which claims to show this happening.  Pork marinated in coke sprouts worms after a few minutes (because supposedly even the worms are unable to tolerate the corrosive elements in the Coca Cola).

Someone else has claimed that what surfaces are fat cells, which are not harmful.

Pigs kept in poor conditions are prone to infestation by the Trichinella worm, a parasite that can also infect dogs, horses, big cats, seals, bears, foxes and walruses.  But even if infested by Trichinella, as long as the meat is cooked thoroughly, it poses no risk to people.

Experiment by someone else to produce the worms fails.

Why not try the experiment at home, for your own satisfaction?

Really we should assume all animals (including us humans) have some level of internal parasites.  Beef cattle get round-worms, sheep get worms, fluke and protozoa.  Most parasites get confined to the intestines, but many get into the liver or muscles.  Fowl and Wild-caught fish are just as likely to be carrying extra critters as mammals.

Remember to cook your meat well.
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Yes it is cause I rb one

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