What Is The Substance That Makes Food Smooth? What Is The Substance That Makes Bread Rise?


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You could be talking about yeast that is added to bread to make it rise and also gluten which is a protein which develops as the bread dough is kneaded, then left under a warm tea towel to rise, which it does within a short time.
This is called the first proving. Then the dough is punched down again, until it is flat.
It is then placed in the oiled bread tin, covered by the tea towel again and left to prove for the second time. Then when it reaches near the top of the tin it is placed in the preheated oven, where it rises a bit more and bakes. Giving us a loaf of bread that is crusty on the outside and velvety soft and fragrant on the inside.
Well this is the home version anyway.
In commercial bakeries, all sorts of commercial bread improvers and preservatives are added, to prolong shelf life, and to stop the yeast which is live, growing mould after a few days(Which it does on home made bread, if there's any left of course.)
Yeasts and molds are used to make beer too, and creamy cheeses.

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