Who Makes McDonald's Coffee Creamer?


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McDonald's don't actually say outright where they source their coffee creamer from, but it sure is delicious!

Although I don't know which company supplies the creamer to each individual store, I do know that McDonald's does business with the dairy giant Saputo

Where do McDonald's get their coffee creamer from? The only reason I know that Saputo is a supplier of McDonald's is because they were mentioned in a lawsuit brought against McDonald's after a Canadian woman claimed to have found traces of human feces in her coffee creamer (gross!).

You can read more about that whole affair right here.

If you'd like more information about McDonald's coffee creamers, here are a couple of sources you can check out.

Gavina Gourmet Coffee is the official supplier of McDonald's coffee - they have a whole page dedicated to their company on the official McDonald's website (although no mention of creamers).

The McCafé site has a specific little section about coffees that might be a bit more useful. Click here for the answer to pressing questions like, 'What's the difference between a cappuccino and a latte?'
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I purchased a box of Nestle Coffee Mate in the single serve units, and the 24 count box was filled with McDonald's cofee creamer packages. I was upset because I expected to see the words Coffee-mate on them. I guess it's safe to assume Nestle supplies their creamer.

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