How Long Can Ketchup Sit Out Of The Refrigerator After Being Opened?


3 Answers

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Bugs Bunny answered
Ketchup doesnt actually have to be kept in the refrigerator. In fact ketchup makers used to suggest that keeping it in a cupboard rather than the fridge aids the flavour process, i.e. It will mature. It is only over the last 30 years that we now naturally assume everything should be kept in a refrigerator. Use your sense of taste and smell. If a food smells or tastes wrong then it is probably gone off, it doesnt it is probably fine. We waste tooooooo much food unnecessarily these days.
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Elyn Okumura answered
I just got done looking at my hunt's ketchup and it does not say that it has to be refrigerated.  So, I think it's all right to leave it out.  Call a restaurant and ask.

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