What Are The Food Taboos In The UK?


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Most English people laugh at the French for eathing snails or "escargots". We would not wish to eat any form of insect, and would not eat the meat of a carnivorous animal such as a cat or dog. Nor would we eat vermin such as mice. Most English people would feel sick at the thought of eating sheep's eyes, as is done in some Arab societies. Although some people would be prepared to choose a live lobster from a tank to be cooked for them while they wait. The main "taboo" is that no animal should still be alive when we come to eat it. Also we would not eat any food which is mouldy. Although in some cultures it is considered polite to belch after a meal in order to indicate that we have enjoyed it, in England this is considered most impolite and anyone who cannot help belching in public will normally apologise for doing so by saying "Excuse me"
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Well, some of the religious groups now resident in the UK have food taboos. For instance neither Muslims nor Jews eat pork products, while Hindus do not eat beef.
As far as cultural taboos go, most Britons would refuse to eat dog or horse.
Is meat taboo to vegetarians? I suppose this depends on your definition of taboo. Taboo does mean more than just a dislike of a certain food, nothing forbids me to eat mushrooms - I just don't like them. It is possible that I would like the taste of horse or dog, but I will not eat them on principle, I find the idea offensive. Therefore that is more like a taboo.

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