Can You Eat Gold?


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Although it might sound a little bizarre, the answer is 'yes, you can!'

If you look into it, you'll find that eating gold goes way back in history.

These days, you're most likely to find edible gold flakes in things like wedding cakes and alcoholic liquors.

It is relatively cheap to buy, and is completely safe to eat (in reasonable levels!).

Can you eat gold?

I first looked into this question when I saw an article about a burger selling for $666 dollars in New York. One of the ingredients listed was 'gold flake'.

The truth is that gold passes through your system without being absorbed. Eating pure gold won't do you any harm (it won't even add any calories), and will probably pass straight through your system.

Most gold these days contains a small amount of silver - and luckily, silver is also safe to eat too!

The only problems you might encounter when eating gold is if you decide to chow down on an ornamental piece of gold. This is because it is likely to contain copper, and that will be absorbed into your system.

Eating gold leaf

Recipes that used gold appear as far back as the Middle Ages.

While peasants went hungry, the rich decorated their lavish banquets with a patina of gold.
Roast birds and other meat dishes were wrapped in thin gold leaf in an ostentatious display of wealth.

The most frequent use of gold in edible form today is in its use by chocolatiers, and top-quality chocolate-makers often produce chocolates flecked with gold leaf.

There is also a liqueur called Danziger Goldwasser, which is flecked with minute particles of gold leaf suspended in the liquid.

Edible gold leaf is easily purchased from a range of suppliers who also supply gold powder and gold paints which contain the real thing. Premium food producers have even successfully marketed marmalade with gold particles.

If you're interested in some tasty foods that contain gold leaf, I would suggest checking out this page.
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I have heard about this before, I do wonder if the gold leaf or powdered gold that some recipes use have any effect on the taste or if it's purely to improve the look of whatever it's put in.
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Yes, the Japanese have introduced a new market of edible gold.

They are extremely thin sheets of gold (100th of mm) and come in different messages such as 'happy birthday'.

They are quite affordable too, and they float atop your coffee or drink. Very fascinating!

I don't think it tastes good though.
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Yes, you can - gold is used many times to decorate wedding cakes.
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Yes, you can. Monoatomic gold, once consumed by the pharaohs and high priests of Ancient Egypt, is available for sale on-line as a mind-enhancing supplement.
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Yes you can, it was used by the Egyptians and in the middle ages people usually ate powdered gold.
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Yes you can.
People started eating gold in the Middle Ages!
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Yes, you can... I'm not sure where you buy it, but I know it's possible.
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Gold leaf is edible. It's rather inexpensive and comes in form of thin flakes or very thin "paper". You can use it to decorate meals or put some flakes into champagne and other alcoholic beverages.
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Sure you can, and they also use it for arthritis in some parts of the world: Gold flakes in liquid (and then injected).
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The other day I saw some liquor drink with real flakes of gold floating in it. It was very expensive and you could not taste the gold... Fancy fancy!
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If you buy edible paper gold stuff, then yeah! But you can't sit there eating your necklace!
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Yeah, you can! I heard that there's a desert that cost $25,000 that has gold shavings... And it comes with a gold spoon!
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If you want, you can, but I can think of A LOT of better uses for a precious metal than eating it only to defecate it into a toilet or upon the ground.
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Yes- but not real gold.
Take chocolate or some candy if you want, or something like that.
Wrap it in gold leaf and eat it.

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Gold has been used to treat ailments for a while.
Gold pills and injections have been used to treat arthritis for a while and still are sometimes.

Monatomic gold is more easily absorbed.
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Gold can be eaten. It was used for eating purposes in the middle ages. Egyptians were the first to find this out by eating powdered gold
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There is a place in New York, I don't know the name of it, but it sells a sundae that costs $1.000 to buy, and it has real gold on it. It has gold leaf and gold dust.

If you watch the travel channel, you can learn a lot of really neat information - that is where I heard this!
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Yes, you could, but gold is not something that is edible.
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Yes, you can eat gold but I think it's not a good idea to.
Gold contains minerals that the human body is not used to eating.

If you eat a picece of gold, it will make your stomach ache for a very long time.
You will probably have to go to the hospital and have it surgically removed.
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No way! It will make you sick. Plus why would you? You could sell it and get thousands of dollars!
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Good question!
As far as I know gold it is not edible...
But I want to warn you, please don't try to eat gold- it may be dangerous!!
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No. Your teeth will break.
Gold is one of the hardest natural resources.
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Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan
no one is such a stupid to eat a gold bar Ithink . :-) well very thid gold foils as well as silver foils are used for decoration of several desserts

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