What Food Does Argentina Eat?


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Argentina is an immigrant country, 85% above residents from Italian and Spain's
descendant, therefore its diet culture also adulterated the European land
western-style food ingredient, the meat aspect mainly by the cow, the chicken,
the donkey primarily, little really eats the pig, but the coal burns the
barbecue is the local characteristic.  Ma Daicha is also Argentina's
characteristic, it is said this grows tea is been honored as by Argentina “the
national treasure”, “the country tea”, in the indigenous language “Ma Daicha” is
“the immortal grass”, “the day bestows the god tea”, because it includes many
kinds of nutrient contents, not only may eliminate the cholesterol, reduce the
blood fats, but can also promote the blood circulation, stimulate awakes brain
and so on, therefore the Argentines thought that “Ma Daicha” is not in the
general sense tea, their each person is drinking every day, from the child to
old person, from the metropolis to the village, even has “rather the food not to
have the meat not to be able to occupy without the tea” such view.

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