What's Happens If You Dont Eat?


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Even skipping one meal has major disadvantages.  Your immune system is weakened by the lack of nutrients and your metabolism slows, as there is no excess energy to fuel fat burning.

Starvation diets do not comply with your bodily functioning and it's natural ability to burn fat in a healthy manner.  When your nutrient intake is too low, your body begins to rob nutrients from your bones and organs in order to survive.  The body cannibalizes itself for nourishment.
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You literally starve to death. It isn't fun either, I use to not be able to eat from stress, and I lost a lot of weight, and strength. I also got sick real easy, and I often ended up with bronchitis and pneumonia. You don't want to not eat. Hope this helps.
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You die in three weeks, give or take.  

If you go on a starvation diet, and then start eating again, you will gain a lot of weight back, as your body is going to start converting the food you eat into fat in case it needs it again in the future for a similar situation.  Your body will do whatever it takes to keep itself alive.
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If you don't eat, you will starve!! What more do you need to know??
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First you lose weight, then you lose consciousness, then you lose your life.

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