What Is Your Favorite Beverage?


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Wendy Profile
Wendy answered
Well, just like with anything else for me it's hard to have just one absolute favorite but I was just in Denny's for lunch with my mom the other day and I had their raspberry iced tea. It was sooooo.... Good. It was perfect for my taste. It wasn't too sweet, too powerful and you could taste the hint of raspberry in it. Iced tea in general is one of my favorite drinks. It reminds me of summer and is very refreshing.
patrick mc mullan Profile
Hot chocolate with fresh cream on top, which is why i am too fat.
Nathan Wendland Profile
Nathan Wendland answered
My favorite beverage is soda.
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
Coca Cola would be my all time favorite!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
For everyday consumption, I like white tea made from orange blossoms (made by FUSE). I also love red wine; cabernets are my favorite.

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