What's your fave beverage?


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Pepsi, and oh yeah my otis shine... Also my jungle juice!

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Most red wines I am not really fussy so long as the sun is over the yardarm,before this time it has to be tea tea and more tea lol!
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Annie Devore answered
Well.. Probably Propel Zero Grape Or 
Lowfat Chocolate Milk.. I Don't Drink Alcohol So It's Usually 1 Percent Milk  Propel V8 Splash And Fusion Juices Gatorade.  Bottled Water With Flavor Packets Oj  Diet Nestea
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Peggy Burtwell answered
Used to be Diet Pepsi until I learned alot more about it than I cared to know.  So, I'll have to settle for something else.
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millicent williams
I tried diet coke once but thought it tasted bitter --- never touched it since! Maybe this had something to do with what you learnt!
Peggy Burtwell
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Millicent- I think it's when I learned the ingredients turned into wood alcohol at body temp. Then into formaldahyde that turned me off - permanently!!!!
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Dr. Pepper

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