How Do You Make Corned Beef? This Bloke In The Pub Says You Could Have Corned Beef On The Bone.


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I am of Irish descent, and corned beef and cabbage is an all time favorite recipe that we like to eat on New Years and St. Patricks Day, We buy the corned beef already 'corned' or seasoned, with another pack of seasoning that comes in with the 'brisket' in the package.  We get a nicely marbled or lean [whichever you prefer] brisket that does come in a thick plastic bag that holds in the pickling juices. We put it in a large pot, bring it almost to a boil and just 'simmer' never boiling the meat to keep it nice and tender. We cook it the amt. Of time recommended on the package with the [extra seasoning put in at the appropriate time]. Instructions usually come with the pack or ask the butcher. After it has simmered for a few hours you add the spuds, and carrots and possible celery if you like. Remove the herb package before serving. Serve it with Irish soda bread on the side, oh and about one or 1 &1/2 hrs before serving add a whole cabbage quartered. The meat will be lean tender and tasty, the cabbage and vegetables too. When looking for corned beef in the Supermarket if you are unsure, ask your butcher.
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I make mine just about the same way that our lovely Pencil does, except I add onion, and extra pickling spice to it so that the flavor gets in there all the way through, and you can get the extra pickling spice at the butcher's shop, or in the grocery store, mind you that it can be expensive in the store, so try to get it at the butcher's shop where they usually give it to you. Hope you try it sometime. YUMM YUMM!!
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I simply love the leftover corn beef recipes I found on this site. The corn beef casserole is my all time favorite because I get to use the leftover stuff and everyone still loves it!You should definitely give it a try!The kids will love it!Here's the recipe I tried and that I simply love. Do try it and let me know how yours turned out.
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I have been eating cooking and buying corned beef for over 3 decades and have never seen corned beef on the bone. I live in the usa, midwest region. This is a meat & potato kind of area, i asked around and none of my family & friends ever heard of corned beef on the bone.

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