What Is Your Favorite Seafood?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
King Crab, and Lobster, and tiger shrimp. Mouth watering.
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Cindy Thompson answered
Alaskan King Crab. It's expensive though, so, I don't get to eat it much. Peace
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Samantha answered
I don't know, whenever I go on vacation, I seem to order seafood, and I have MANY MANY favorites!!! Sorry!!! I left you hanging!!!
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Anonymous answered
The only kind of seafood I like is when I chew my food look into a mirror open my mouth and say SEAFOOD! Other then that I like Haddock fish fry's!
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Red snapper!!  Sushi is good, too, though I don't know what kind of seafood they use in that.
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terry rossignol
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my son went to a Chinese restaurant and he sat down and started eating his food and said it was good Andi looked at him and asked him if he liked what he was eating and he said he don't know and i said it is sushi and he said what is that?and i said raw fish and needless to say he spit it put and won't tough it again.
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John answered
I dont' eat seafood except for a fish sandwhich from burger king every once in a while.
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My favorite is boiled crawfish and crabs just had some when i went to louisiana yum yum

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