What Is Your Favorite Sandwich?


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Moe Pence Profile
Moe Pence answered
I like the turkey and swiss subs from both Arby's and Penn Station.  I used to eat Subway's version of it, but they changed the turkey from the really good dry meat that was thin-sliced, to that "slippery" turkey that is cut thick.
(Maybe I'll try out the Veggie Delight -- good to have a recommendation!  LOL)
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Ree Ree
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They are awsume!! Even better if ya ask them to toast the bread first!!!
Moe Pence
Moe Pence commented
Subway will do that for you? Penn Station will toast the sub roll, and leave the deli items cold for me, which I prefer.
marie kelly
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I love them to!
John Profile
John answered
I have to many to pick just one..when i was really young peanut butter with vegetable soup,around my teens would be fried balogny and mayonaise,high school would be tuna salad sandwich with lettuce....then egg salad ,subs,hoagies,manwich with lettuce and cheese,barbecue beef and of course lettuce and cheese,hamburgers,fish sand,potted meat,treat,spam,meatloaf with mashed potatoes/potatos(who was it that  could not spell taters?some politician) on top,actually just about any type of sandwich...
David Profile
David answered
Roasted turkey breast from subway on wheat...mmmmm
Brandie Profile
Brandie answered
Chicken sandwhich with chedder cheese and bbq sause. Yum. Im getting hungry already
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Anonymous answered
I love subways BMT, but I'll settle for the spicy Italian. Domino's has them beat with their chicken bacon ranch sandwich.
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Cami Lopez answered
PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA SANDWICH!!! MMMMMM!!you need:-half a banana-creamy peanut butter-2 slices of bread-knife-plate-glass of milkYUMMY!!!

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