What Is Your Favorite Cold Sandwich?


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The Subway Italian BMT, just good quality bread and spicy meat yum.
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Moe Pence answered
My favorite sandwich, especially on a crusty sub roll, is thin sliced, turkey breast meat with Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo.  Sometimes a couple of pieces of crisp bacon make it even better!
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Lisa michalski answered
I love cold meatloaf sandwiches,and then the famous cold lamb sandwich,then to I also like my chicken salad on bread,with lettuce and tomatoes.
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terry rossignol answered
I love chicken salad sandwich with cheese and let us and celery salt! Yummy for the tummy!!
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Cara B
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I am prolly going to have those. Have you had chicken salad with grapes in it? I haven't, kinda wondering what people think of it. I myself like traditional.
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Ree Ree answered
My favorite is the subway veggie delite with cheese,lite mayo,and all the veggies..on a wheat roll.

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