Do You Like Orange Marmalade?


10 Answers

Laura Smith Profile
Laura Smith answered
Yes delicious on toast ! Yums
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yes, but i prefer lemon marmalade and also lime marmalade. The summer is best as we get home made jars of the stuff at summer fetes
martha Profile
martha answered
yes yes yes- i love almost any kind of homemade jams etc.  on biscuits
Winter Profile
Winter answered
Thats another thing I've never tasted. If it anything like lemonade or limeade, I will love it.
terry rossignol Profile
terry rossignol answered
EWWWWWWW!!! I can't stand oranges!!! I have gotten sick on the drinks to many times that have orange juice in it!!! You know what kind i mean!!! Can't say the word here!!!!
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
Gimme grape jelly and peanut butter any day....LOL!!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Marmalade is my weekend treat. I make a year's supply of orange every Jan/Feb, but my favourite is lemon.
Glen Thornbury Profile
Glen Thornbury answered
I'm from Florida and my Uncle was a very big Grove owner! So as a kid I ate every kind of Orange there was until I got sick of Orange ANYTHING! I'll eat it but if you give me a second choice and NO!

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