Cupcake or Muffin?


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Give me a chocolate chip muffin any day. Along with a hot cup of coffee. I probably couldn't eat just one.

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Muffin man

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Muffin. Specifically a lemon poppyseed muffin. Cupcakes are okay, but I don't usually like a lot of frosting.

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A nice warm blueberry, lemon/poppy seed, or cream cheese muffin.  Yum!  (But you know I'm not going to turn down a cupcake if you're offering.)  LOL

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Dear Roy Roy,

For me generally it is can make 'em/get 'em whole grain, substantial with lots of nuts, fresh or dried fruit, oatmeal, very creative often less sugar.

* * *

HOWEVER, when Kris Horton, Megan Goodgirl and Jan Nicka are describing those cupcake creations then I am right there head of the line.

Amazon has this spendy little cupcake tin fluted and all, I'm gonna get it someday and make muffins in of both worlds...Otis where's the 'shine?

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Cupcakes because Cupcakes are quite easy to prepare, they are very easy to have tasted, look also very sweet that tastes even wonderful and can be decorated very artistically to match each and every theme of the event.

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