What Is A Truffle?


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Well, actually it depends on what your talking about. Theres two types of Truffles one is a type of chocolate candy. Which is really yummy and made in several different ways and another is a type of fungis a lot like a mushroom which is considered to be a delicacy. And they are also delicious. I reccomend you try both! I hope that helps. =)
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A truffle is a kind of an edible fungus which belongs to the genus of Tuber. Truffles are very delicious and used in cooking all over the world. It is regarded as the most precious food due to its flavour and taste.

They are usually grown around trees. Some of the various types of truffles include the black and white truffle, Chinese truffle, summer truffle, scorzone truffle and other many types of truffles. Each has their own distinctive look and taste. People have been consuming truffles for thousands of years. It is said to have originated in the parts of Middle East and European countries. The world's most expensive truffle is the White Alba Truffle. They are generally served cooked or uncooked.
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Truffles are found or excavated by gatherers. They are not farmed very successfully as the process of cultivating truffles is both time consuming and beset with problems. Even though a bearing tree can fruit for 30 years the tree begins its first productive cycle only 7 years after being planted. All cultivated stocks need constant replenishing. Truffle prices now range around hundred to two hundred pounds per pound.

Truffles are considered a delicacy in most countries of Europe. It has even been referred to as a diamond in ones kitchen. There is a constant demand for truffles.
There has a sever drop in yields of truffles due to their overexploitation. Yields no longer measure up to what was seen in the past.

Animals such as pigs, especially wild ones compete with humans to get to the delicacy. This is even seen in the popular comics of 'Asterix'.

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A truffle is a chocolate covered ball with various toppings and flavors in it. Such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry
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Its a cake layered with puddint moose and some goodies in between...with whip cream..its good stuff

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