How Can I Make KFC At Home ? I Hope I Can Make It Myself With The Same Taste.


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KFC is my favorite fast-food chain, and there's nothing like the taste of that golden breadcrumb-coated chicken to get my mouth watering.

Unfortunately, replicating that flavor at home is near impossible. The reasons are two-fold:

  • The ingredients and recipe are an industrial secret that KFC holds on to for dear life
  • You probably don't have the facility at home to accurately replicate the
How to make KFC at home
As with most fast-foods, it is impossible to duplicate the taste at home. Ever tried to make a McDonald's cheeseburger on your grill? The meat tastes awfully different.

One reason is that there are probably dozens of ingredients that companies use to 'perfect' the taste of their food, and many of them are industrially-created specifically to match the needs of companies like KFC.

The second reason that you'll struggle to find an accurate recipe to replicate that KFC taste is that the company works hard to make sure that doesn't happen.

Imagine if the recipe for making delicious-tasting KFC chicken was available on the internet. Apart from all the potential customers who would simply stay at home and make their own fried chicken, there would also be a number of rival companies that would make use of this information to offer the same taste and quality that KFC regards as one of their main profit-making weapons.

Why you can't replicate KFC chicken

The taste of KFC is desirable. That's how companies want you to see their products, which is why they spend tons of money on product development. In turn, this is why you cannot duplicate their taste using regular ingredients.

If you really want to make KFC at home, you might want to start by installing a chemical lab at home and hiring a chemical engineer to reverse-engineer a family bucket.
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Mark Westbrook answered
You can't make KFC at home because the recipe is a secret and it's what has made the Colonel's product so tasty and famous since its inception.

The other thing is why would you want to put that greasy, breaded rubbish in your body, don't you care about your body? KFC food is generally junk food, at least they don't try to pretend to be healthy like their McDonald's friends, whose food is junk.

I want you to consider for real what is the point in putting this junk food cack into your body. Your body certainly won't thank you. I'm not a food nazi either, I love KFC too, but it's so bad for us, even as a treat it's pure rubbish.

There are many recipes for southern fried chicken on the internet if you want to make that, it's just another name for it.

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