How Is Bread Made Using Limestone?


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If you know how to make bread, making limestone bread is not a tough job. Limestone if added to bread can prove to be very essential for health. Limestone minimizes the risk of getting bone diseases like rickets.
Preparation of limestone bread: Sugar and dried yeast are added to warm water in a bowl and mixed well. Wrap a cloth around the bowl and keep it aside for 20mins. Grease a baking tin using butter. By this time the contents in the glass will have frothed up. Add whole-wheat flour with the limestone. Start kneading the dough by adding some amount of water. Keep it aside in a warm place for nearly 40mins.This will cause it to rise to some extent Bake it oven for 40mins at around 200°C. After baking the bread, tap it with a knife. If you hear a hollow sound, it will indicate that the bread is ready.

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