What Is Occident Flour?


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Occident flour is also called all-purpose flour, and is the most commonly used kind of flour. It is the most commonly used kind of flour simply because it is the most easily available kind of flour all across the United States.

Another name for occident flour is white flour. Occident flour could be bleached or unbleached. You could use either one, depending on what your requirement is. Another type of occident flour is called enriched occident flour.

There is quite a bit of difference between the three types of occident flour. The bleached occident flour has less protein than the others, and is bleached with chlorine. The unbleached occident flour is bleached with oxygen, and is almost identical to the bleached occident flour. The enriched flour is further enriched than other available flour types. This flour has extra iron and vitamin B.

Occident flour comes in different brands, with different price tags. Some of them come in fancy brands, and cost more than the average brands.

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