How Many Calories Are In Pulled Pork Barbeque?


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Its hard to determine the exact calories in pulled pork BBQ. It depends entirely on the ingredients, and how lean the meat is. If its homemade it will be far lower in calories than from a restaurant. If you're making it at home, look on the label of the pork roast you're using to make the BBQ. It should give the calories per serving. You will have to figure the number of servings for the roast size you purchased. Once you know the total calories in that whole roast, do the same for any ingredients you add. For the BBQ sauce, it will have the calories per serving, and number of servings listed on the bottle. Use that to figure the total calories of all the sauce you plan to use. Add those together. Then when its all cooked, divide it into servings and divide the total by the number of servings you created. That will give you the exact calorie count for your BBQ. You will only have to do this once, if you use the same recipe all the time the calories will always be the same. I did a search to get you an easy answer, but all I got was different restaurant's BBQ calories. And those ranged from 400-1000 calories per serving. As I said... Homemade will be considerably less and you can control the calories. Good luck.

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