Where Does Stella Artois Come From?


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Stella Artois is a lager which originated in the Leuven town of Belgium in the year 1926. Originally introduced as a special Christmas time drink, it got its name 'Stella' from the Latin word for 'star'. The drink is one of UK's best selling lagers and is better known in certain circles with a more popular nickname, 'wifebeater' which originated after a scene in the movie 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. The name is also used to describe friendly brawls that might take place between friends after a few drinks. Other nicknames that it goes by are 'fella' in certain parts of Britain and 'brain damage'. The lager giant is brewed in a number of places including its hometown Belgium, New Zealand as well as certain parts of the UK. Its international distributor is InBev.

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