What does gold leaf actually taste like?


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If you are looking to see what gold leaf tastes like, there are many places where you can try it. However, gold leaf is generally used on food items or in drink as a form of decoration, to make it look more fancy and expensive. Not only does gold leaf look expensive but it is also very expensive to buy, meaning that any food product that is made that includes gold leaf decoration will be something to fork out on. It has been said, however, that gold leaf doesn't actually have any taste, according to most reviews, so it may seem that the substance is usually merely to make the item look more decorative and posh. If you are still looking to try gold leaf for yourself, you could:

  • Visit a fancy  Indian restaurant

Most instances of gold leaf use have been noted around Indian restaurants as a decoration on their meals. Therefore, if you are wishing to try gold leaf and decide for yourself whether or not it has a taste, all you need to do is go visit an Indian restaurant that is mentioned online to serve food with gold leaf decoration. However, as aforementioned, anywhere that serves food with gold leaf is bound to be expensive, so be sure that you can afford to and that you are prepared to fork out for the trip.

  • Try some gold leaf liquor

If you are looking to experience some gold leaf in your food or drink without having to visit a restaurant, you can buy Goldschlager cinnamon Schnapps which is a strong liquor with real gold flakes in the bottom of it. This is usually available for about £20 for a 70cl bottle, which is a fraction of the cost of an expensive meal in town with gold leaf.

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