How much ice cream do I need for 200 guests? Making icecream sundaes...


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To feed 200 guests, you'll need 13 gallons of ice cream - according to this calculation, each guest will receive a generous, full-cup serving of ice cream, and you'll have a few cups left over just in case. Ice cream is generally sold in pints (such as Haagen-Dazs or Ben and Jerry's pint containers) or gallons (usually a plastic tub of ice cream with a plastic lid and a carrying handle). You'll get a much better deal if you buy gallons of ice cream in bulk at a large chain store that features lower prices when you buy multiples of the same products.

  • Sundae tips

To create a fun sundae bar that everyone can use to make their own customized sundaes, arrange some toppings in bowls, with spoons. Good choices for ice cream sundae toppings include: Maraschino cherries, nuts (make sure no one is allergic - it may be better to skip nuts for a big group gathering, but they are delicious), chocolate sprinkles, M & Ms, and syrups (such as caramel, butterscotch, or chocolate syrups.

  • More fun ideas

Cans of whipped cream, or whip cream in big bowls, can also add fun to your sundae bar. The ice cream itself should be arranged in gallons, and it should be defrosted enough to be scooped out easily with a metal or plastic ice cream scoop tool. Guests can put their sundaes in plastic bowls or parfait glasses, depending on what you have on hand. It may be possible to find cheap plastic bowls in bulk, since you are serving ice cream sundaes to so many guests; plastic spoons can be used to scoop out ingredients. In general, glassware will look much nicer, but it is breakable, and children (or clumsy adults) may drop their sundaes and make a mess.

Napkins or finger wipes should be placed alongside the sundae bar, to help people clean up if their hands get sticky.

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