Is There A Restaurant In Your Area That You Won't Eat At?


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Cindy Thompson answered
Yes, the greasy spoon down the road where the waitress chews her bubble gum and pops it and says, May I take your order please. Peace lol
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moodie madd answered
There was this breakfast french place up the road that eventually went out of business! It was really good when you were eating it, but then when you got home you would feel so sick. Then they lied saying they didn't add water to their wine, but they did, for sure!
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B.R.K KING answered
Living in such a small town (pop.1,200) and John Day pop(2,250) one place my common sense and sense of "taste"tells me do not enter again is chucks little diner!I had Blackened cat fish there and it was blackened alright it looked and tasted like it was rolled in charcoal dust and the rest of the stuff on the plate was unrecognizable! And you tell me how can you screw up food at McDonald's!!! gut still is in shock HARPO!
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Yes definitely a little pizza place up the road. Leaves there food on the counter and has roaches crawling all over it
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Only 2 where I live. And I will never spend hard earned money for something I can make better at home.
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kristie ginger answered
Well I think you should cut your hair to in between your shoulder and chin then have it shorter in the back it will look cute, mY friend has it, just trust me oh if you have dark hair put high lights in it or light hair then get low lights! It will be fine.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Honey, that is a great answer, but I think you put it in the wrong place. I gave you a wow anyhow, because it impressed me. lol
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I cannot think of any places that have not already gone out of business.  (Of course, my mother always tells everybody if there is anything left in the refrigerator after I have come for a visit, throw it away because if I didn't eat it nobody else will.)
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Glen Thornbury answered
Well I am a real Cowboy and so I KNOW what the Cows look like that those Fast Food Hamburgers Buy and how much tenderizers and not nice things go into those burgers!
SO NO BURGERS for this Cowboy!


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