How Do You Prepare Fresh Beets?


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Fresh beets have a characteristic sweet natural flavour which is missing in processed beets. The good thing is that it is quite easy to prepare fresh beets. You can procure beets from your local market or farm strands. The best beet is the one which is hard and has a tail at the root tip. The body of the vegetable should be deep red; the leaves should be rich green and fresh-looking. There should be no cuts on the vegetable.

Fresh beets have muddy roots, so they should be washed carefully in water. While cooking beets, make sure that you cook them whole with the stem portion left on the vegetable. Peel the skin of the beet or slice it only after the cooking is done. Once the cooking is over, you can run it under cold water; the skin comes out easily. You can perk the cooked beet with butter or sprinkled with lemon juice.

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