How Many Calories Will I Burn Playing 5 A Side Football?


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Playing 5 a side football for an hour you will burn about 600 calories, but this is playing at high tempo, not just standing around for 10 minutes then running for the ball although most 5 side matches are not like this I know , as I play 5 a side and 11 a side football myself.
Also it depends on your weight the heavier you are the more calories you will burn off.
To be safe I would account for about 500.
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I have a polar heart monitoring system and it tells me I burn from 900 - 1150 calories playing 5 a side ????
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According to Mens Health and the Sports science team at the University of Kopenhagen, the average 190lb player burns around 800 calories / hour in a friendly match.

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1500 calories (as well 30-45 minutes jogging, aerobic dance, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, playing football, swimming, 30 min), half kg.

2250 calories (about 15 minutes of jogging, aerobic dance, 25-30 minutes, 12-15 minutes swimming, brisk walking, 45 minutes) and the energy released from food by 250 calories a day.

3, including the body, arms, legs and back.
4 2 hours up to the marathon, so any exercise sheet is placed on the abdomen management portion as a stand - sit (sit - ups) had no effect on the metabolism of fat. Because of the high effort.
5 walking instead of taking the car or elevator active. I recmonded you Macro calculator app through this you get more results about Macro calculator .

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