What Was The Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich Cookie Like?


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Coconut? Give me a break. They were absolutely not coconut. They were very much like a Nabisco Mallowmar without they chocolate and an extra cookie on top. For those of you who never had a Mallowmar, WOW! Go to NY between September and March and buy a box or 10 and you will be forever hooked, but I digress. The Marshmallow Sandwich cookies were sort of a vanilla graham cookie, very soft, and a bit less crumbly that that of a Mallowmar. The center was of course marshmallow, not marzipan. It was simple, plain, not fancy, just sublime. But the best part was the glue! Glue you ask? Yes the cookies were "glued" to the marshmallow with what can only be described as a tiny dot of apricot jam. This "glue" did not impart any apricot taste it was only a tiny dolop of goodness, some of us would dissolve the glue with our tongue to separate the components. Any way you eat them they were truly  a treat. I would love to trade memories of this cookie with someone who could share the taste of Borden's Liederkranz cheese with me, a taste from the past I had the misfortune of missing.
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Nabisco Cookies were manufactured by the Nabisco cookie and snack Company based in America. These particular Marshmallow sandwich cookies are no longer manufactured by the company and were sold during the 1940 to 1970 time period.
The cookie consisted of soft vanilla flavoured wafers into the middle of which was pressed a soft mouth watering marshmallow.

Some sources suggest the there was a thin inner layer of a jam or jelly that tasted a lot like marzipan. Most of the people who still remember the cookie fondly belong to the New York area.

The company has no plans to re introduce this variety of cookie. Nabisco includes other brands under its wing including Chips Ahoy!, Mallomars, Fig Newtons, Ritz Crackers, Wheat Thins, Nutter Butter etc.
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Hi i'm 59 years old I do know the name of these cookies my late Dad purchased them frequently in the late 50's. I know them as Hippodromes,they were a soft coconut cake like cookie with lines similar to the coconut bar cookies you can by by any cookie company. THese cookies were sandwiched with a marshmellow creme and a thick layer of rasberry jam,very expensive and elegant. I bought these for my children now in their late 30's up until 1974,then sadly Nabisco company stopped making them,maybem

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