How Do You Make Nan Khatai ?


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Nan Khatai is the popular home made biscuits . These are very easy to prepare and very tasty and good to have
Following are the ingredients required for making nan khatai


1. 2 cups of Gram flour (Besan) -
2 1 cup of Plain Flour(Maida) -
3 1/2 cup of Semolina(Suji) -
4 1 cup of Sugar(ground) -
5 1 cup pf Ghee or Refined oil -
6 A Pinch of Soda Bi Carbonate -
7 Salt - A pinch (to taste)


Following are the directions for the preparation of Nan Khatai

1. First of all Mix all the ingredients together in a pan.
2. No after mixing it will become as a dough .
3. Shape it into small balls of the required size and flatten it between the two palms.
4. You can also cut them with the help of a cookie cutter also.
5. Bake them till golden brown at 180 degree C. usually it will take approx 10 to 15 for baking .
6. Serve hot with Tea.
7. You can also store them in an air tight Jar.

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