What Flavor Of Crisps Do You Like Most?


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patrick mc mullan Profile
Crinkle cut cream cheese and chives. Its to die for.
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susan bardsley
susan bardsley commented
if asked to create a flavour crisp (chips) cheese and branston pickle if very tasty, or may be cheese n piccalilli is nice to. Ham and onion is also nice.
Penny Kay
Penny Kay commented
Rye Crisps still my fave, since adolescence.
lisa Profile
lisa answered
Sea salt and vinegar or sweet onion.
Ronnie Maye Profile
Ronnie Maye answered
My favorite is sour cream and onion, with a little dip.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I'd have to say hickory BBQ.
Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
I like salty with pepper the most. I would like taste of different foods in the crisps. For example, fish, banana etc.
R Maye Profile
R Maye answered
Hopping Jalapeno....or Buffalo Wing......YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
I just love spicy food.
Fred Jones Profile
Fred Jones answered
Crisps, please explain. I have not seen them here in the US. Where can you get them and what are they made of?

They sound similar to potato chips???
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Paul Gonder
Paul Gonder commented
The English call them crisps......in U.S. and most of the world (from Iceland to South Africa) they are Potato Chips. Even in Canada! And if you want crackers with your tomato soup, ask the waitress in London and Merryweather to give you some bisquits.
And for cats sake!. . . don't ask for a hotdog - they'll give you a Cocker Spaniel that's been laying out in the sun.
Fred Jones
Fred Jones commented
Very nice, I got a very good laugh out of the hotdog bit but point well taken. My favorite is BBQ (barbeque)

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